Leading from the Left

Friday, March 17, 2006

Have a Nice Weekend

Here's hoping that our North Carolina teams do well this weekend. I imagine most everyone will be watching the Heels tonight, and I wish our boys lots of luck.

Not much to report from the campaign trail today. I've been struggling to fill out and return the questionnaires that have come from newspapers and citizens groups this week. Generally, the questionnaires are excellent and reflect a broad range of interests here in Orange County. I've recieved questionnaires from the PTA Council, the News & Observer, the Herald, nomerger.org, the Democratic Party, and the Chamber of Commerce. I will be posting as many as I can online as the campaign progresses.

I'm off to Charlotte for a EqualityNC's quarterly board meeting and a fundraiser. I'm now Chair of Equality's Board of Directors which has been loads of fun, but hard work. ENC is in the process of developing a 3 year plan to help us do a better job of addressing LGBT issues in North Carolina. It's extremely important that state-wide, gay/lesbian groups like EqualityNC be as strong as they can be right now. The radical right is demonizing the LGBT community and the only way to beat them is to be stronger, wiser, and to work harder.

On another note, Chapel Hill Town Council member Mark Kleinschmidt and I are scheduled to be interviewed by ANT, a gay stand-up comic and reality TV show host, for his new show on the LOGO TV network. We're meeting ANT at a Go-Cart facility in Durham on Monday afternoon for some fun and games. Then ANT will be interviewing me (he interviewed Mark on a previous visit).

For those who haven't heard of it, LOGO is a new LGBT cable television network started last year by MTV. It's sort of a BET for gay people. Time Warner cable has thus far declined to add LOGO to the local offerings, so you all will be out of luck with segment airs later this spring.

Have a nice weekend.