Leading from the Left

Monday, February 05, 2007

Can we end Homelessness?

Following up on Friday's post on Homelessness in Hillsborough, let's dig a little deeper into this problem and potential solutions.

Chapel Hill Town Council member Sally Green sent me this article on homelessness. Here's the bad news: the article is from the Wall Street Journal, and it discusses efforts coming out of the Bush administration. But don't write it off because of that! The good news is that the solutions discussed in this article do seem to be working. Could it be that the Bush administration actually be doing something right?

Sally's been working with a group of local leaders and advocates on a plan to end homelessness in Orange County. My understanding is that many of the ideas discussed in this article are liklely to be recommended by her committee when they issue their report shortly.

We've fallen in to a trap in this country, acting as if homelessness is here to stay. But we can do something about it, and this article shows us a way to get started.