Leading from the Left

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sad State of Section 8

Did you know that there are 612 families in using the federal government's Section 8 housing program in Orange County, but there is a waiting list of 1,678 applicants?!

Those are stunning figures and highlight dramatically the depth of the problem we have here in Orange County when it comes to providing adequate affordable housing.

Section 8 is the federal government's rental housing program. It's funding has been stagnant for the past two years, receiving no increase in the budget despite a significant upsurge in US housing costs. No wonder we have families living at the Daniel Boone campground and a persistent homelessness problem.

With escalating costs for the war, it's hard to imagine significant increases for the Section 8 program in upcoming federal budgets. Which is unfortunate....a misguided war is hampering our ability to address important issues for our people here at home. All the more reason for the citizens of Orange County to redouble our efforts to address the housing crunch.