Leading from the Left

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Save the Library

We started a facebook group to help us organize to save the Cybrary in downtown Carrboro. Here's the link. Check it out and join if you want to help keep the library open. I'm hoping someone starts an effort to keep the Cedar Grove Library open as well.

As of late Sunday afternoon, 130 people have joined our group to save the Cybrary. A petition was circulated at the Carrboro Farmer's Market on Saturday, and Jackie Helvey recorded a commentary for WCHL. You can listen to her commentary here.

Folks are fired up and ready to go. Most seem to agree that closing two branch libraries is excessive, even in a recession. Cutting hours because of a constrained budget is to be expected, but shutting down two entire branch operations?! It's particulary troubling because these branches serve very unique populations.