Leading from the Left

Monday, March 20, 2006

The U. S. of ANT

Well, today was interesting.....

Mark Kleinschmidt and I were interviewed by ANT, a gay stand up comic and reality TV show host. ANT was in town filming a segment on us for his new show, "The U.S. of ANT" on LOGO, the new gay and lesbian cable TV network started by MTV.

We went Go-Cart riding with ANT in North Durham (in a hail storm, no less) and then sat for an interview. The segment will air on LOGO this summer, probably May or June. Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable doesn't carry LOGO locally so none of us will be able to see it.

You may have noticed a new audio button on my blog. The message I posted this weekend was a simple "Thanks for visiting my blog." In the future, though, I hope to add a variety of voice postings.