Leading from the Left

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Congratulations, Alice!

Long-serving Orange County Commissioner, Alice Gordon, received a well-deserved honor this week when she was named a 2006 Goodman Award Winner for Exemplary Regional Leadership by an Elected Official. The Goodman Awards are given out once a year by Leadership Triangle.

Alice is a hard-working, dedicated elected officlal who gives tirelessly to the community. She certainly deserves the recognition. Hats off to my colleague, Alice Gordon.

Here is a portion of the press release that Leadership Triangle sent out when announcing this year's award recipients.

"Durham, N.C. (Dec 8, 2006) – Leadership Triangle is proud to announce the fifth annual Goodmon Awards, recognizing individuals and organizations that exhibit outstanding regional leadership. The awards were presented on December 11, 2006, at an awards dinner presented by Leadership Triangle at American Tobacco Campus, Bay 7, Durham, N.C.

As communities across the Triangle come to understand the importance of working together, regional thinking and regional cooperation become more essential to our individual and collective well being. Yet, we have few mechanisms in place for rewarding such regional foresight and action. As a result, Leadership Triangle has established these annual awards in honor of James F. Goodmon to recognize leaders in our community who are regionally minded - and who exhibit that frame of mind in their personal and professional lives.

2006 Recipient: Alice Gordon, Orange County Commissioner

Alice Gordon has been an Orange County Commissioner for 16 years. During that time, she has proactively addressed regional growth while enhancing the quality of life that defines the Triangle. An unsung champion and distinguished leader, Alice’s work focuses on two areas: environmental protection and regional transportation.

In her quiet, methodical manner she displayed passion, vision, and leadership in promoting and helping to implement the first comprehensive county land acquisition program in North Carolina: The Lands Legacy Program and the new environmental department essential to its operation.

In six years the award-winning initiative has protected more than 1,700 acres of the county's most important natural and cultural resources, including farmland, parkland and critical natural areas. Among the notable acquisitions are the New Hope Preserve on the Durham - Orange County boundary and the Little River Regional Park and Natural Area which spans the two counties.

Alice has been at the forefront of regional transportation leadership for a decade, and has served as an officer or executive committee member on several regional boards including a multi-jurisdictional policy board of elected officials directing urban transportation planning for Durham, Orange, and northern Chatham counties. More recently, she spearheaded the creation of the new TTA Hillsborough - Chapel Hill bus route, a huge step toward inter-city connectivity. Alice currently chairs of the Triangle Transit Authority.
Alice's accomplishments in the areas of environmental protection and regional transportation have made significant contributions in addressing the rapid growth dilemma that challenges our Triangle home, and make her truly worthy of receiving this award."

Congratulations, Alice. A well-deserved honor for a hard-working elected official.