Leading from the Left

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sierra Club Endorsement!!

I just learned that I have recieved the Sierra Club endorsement. Needless to say, I am delighted to have the confidence of the men and women who volunteer their time to work on environmental issues.

The text of the Sierra Club endorsement is below.


Sierra Club Announces Orange County Endorsees

The North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club is proud to announce its endorsees in the 2006 Orange County Commissioner race. The endorsed candidates are Mike Nelson, Alice Gordon, and Barry Jacobs. We also would like to express our support short of an endorsement for Fred Battle.
During his ten years as mayor of Carrboro, Mike Nelson compiled a strong record on the environment. His accomplishments included the protection of the Adams Tract, the purchase of land along the Bolin Creek corridor, and the passage of the small area plan which at the time was the most environmentally restrictive land use plan in the state. Professionally he is the Director of Government Relations for the Conservation Council of North Carolina. His top priorities if elected include promoting regional transportation, protecting creeks and streams, and stopping global warming.
Alice Gordon has been one of the leading environmentalists on the BOCC for the past 16 years. She was the architect of the county’s ‘Lands Legacy’ program, which has protected large amounts of land in the area. She was also a pioneer in water protection, as well as in the creation of a county Environmental and Conservation Resources Department. During her next term she is committed to the continued protection of the rural buffer, which has been at some risk of having water and sewer run into it that could open it up for larger scale development.
Barry Jacobs has had a strong environmental voting record during his two terms on the Board of County Commissioners. He saved a nature area from becoming a landfill through the creation of Little River Park and has also shown leadership on land preservation efforts like the Adams Tract and New Hope Preserve. His top priorities for the next term include improving air quality through the county land use plan, working to create an east-west bus route connecting Alamance, Orange, and Durham counties, and increasing the energy efficiency of the county’s vehicle fleet.
While less experienced on environmental issues than the other candidates we are confident that if elected Fred Battle will be a strong advocate on the issues we care about. Because he has a more limited record we can’t offer an endorsement, but we appreciate his commitment to maintaining the rural buffer and his work in reducing the use of pesticides during his time working for the town of Chapel Hill.
We strongly encourage Sierra Club members and any residents of Orange County who care about the environment to support candidates who have shown leadership on these issues in the May 2nd election. They are the best hope for a Board of County Commissioners that will make the environment a top priority during the rapid growth we are facing.