Leading from the Left

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I am back now, after a (nearly) two week hiatus from blogging while on vacation.

During my break, I had many ideas for this site and you'll begin to see some changes around here. First, the name of the blog has changed. I figured, since the campaign was now over, it was time for the blog to evolve a bit. I chose the name, LEFT of CENTER, because the people, ideas, and values I want to discuss on this site are fundamentally progressive ones. I'd like this site to honestly explore ideas that can help us shape our future. While I expect to continue to post significant criticisms of the right, particularly the extreme right, most of these comments will be forthright critiques of their philosophies. The battles between left and right are, at their core, a tug of war of ideas.

Second, I've decided to hold firm in my original decision that this blog is not a discussion forum. That will disappoint some. But there are a number of excellent blogs that engage participants in lively discussions. I recommend dailykos.com for national issues and orangepolitics.org for local. If feisty arguments are what you're looking for, these and many other sites will serve you well.

But I decided I wanted to do something a little different. "Left of Center" will be a space in which I can post about bold, cutting edge ideas or people who are rolling up their sleeves and making a difference. "Left of Center" will focus on ideas, values, politics. I'll try to cast a spotlight on problems and possible solutions that move us forward and provide vision for the future.