Leading from the Left

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deserving of Attention

In yesterday's post, I wrote that the month of April would be devoted to posts on environmental issues. Well, one of the great things about having your own blog is that you can set the rules and you can decide when to bend them!

I ran across an article in the News and Observer today about my favorite drug store in North Carolina. It's right around the corner from my office in downtown Raleigh and is one of the few independently owned drug stores left in the state. It's also one of the few black owned drug stores.

I started going in in the afternoons to buy a soft drink or pack of nabs. Dr. Johnson and his staff are polite, friendly, and knowledgable. I kept coming back again and again because of their great service.

Frankly, when you frequent a store that's locally owned and not part of a chain, you can feel the difference. I certainly felt the difference right away at Hamlin Drugstore. For example, about two weeks ago I went in to get a prescription filled and found I'd forgotten my debit card. Dr. Hamlin handed me the bag with my medicine and told me I could "just pay tomorrow." That never happens in a chain. If I hadn't already been a loyal customer, I would have become one after that.

Hats off to Doctor Johnson for his well-deserved honor.