Leading from the Left

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dirty Waters

Did you know that the Neuse River was named the 8th most polluted river in America? Yeah, that dubious designation was announced this week, however the news out of Virginia Tech overshadowed the Neuse story.

The Neuse River Foundation produced this excellent, excellent video about the Neuse. Take three minutes to watch it. And then contact your legislator and express your concern. Ask him/her to support strong legislation to stop pollution from hog lagoons in eastern North Carolina. There are a number of bills out there, but the strongest is "Swine Farm Environmental Performance Standards/Funds," (HB 1115), which is sponsored by Representative Carolyn Justice of Pender County. Justice is a well-respected green Republican who has become a leader in the State House on environmental issues.

Watch the video and let your legislature know that you support Carolyn Justice's hog farm bill because it will help clean up the polluted waterways of eastern North Carolina.