Leading from the Left

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unfair Corporate Advantage

I received the following email yesterday from Todd Barlow at the NC Academy of Trial Lawyers. I'm sharing it with you because I think the legislation he refers to is good, and I encourage you all to support it. Please contact your legislators and ask them to support HB 244.

Here is the text of Todd's email:


The NC Academy of Trial Lawyers is supporting a bill (H244) to provide plaintiffs and defendants an equal number of peremptory jury challenges in cases where there are multiple defendants. Currently, in such cases, the defendants (corporations, insurance companies) may receive more challenges than the plaintiff. More peremptory challenges allows the defendants more leeway to tilt the jury pool in their favor. When there are cases with multiple plaintiffs, there is no mechanism to give plaintiffs more peremptory challenges.

H 244 will fix the unlevel playing field between big business/insurance companies and ordinary citizens - in this one instance, at least.


Todd R. Barlow
NCATL Political Affairs Counsel