Leading from the Left

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moore vs. Perdue

Several newspapers have run articles recently about the Democratic candidates for Governor, Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore. Specifically, these recent articles have highlighted who's contributing to whom.

State Treasurer Moore, who has raised slightly more than Perdue, is raising loads of money from individuals associated with businesses his department does business with. Lt. Governor Perdue has, conversely, has raised money from NC's good old boy network--the prosperous, well-connected businessmen and professionals who often find themselves appointed to the DOT Board or the Board of Trustees of one of our Universities.

I have to say, Richard Moore's money bonanza coming from corporate entities with which his department does business is very troubling. I like Richard Moore; in the early part of this decade, he did good work using his power as the state's chief investor to pressure Wall Street to improve their ethical practices. And more recently he's been using that same power to persuade corporate America to begin addressing Global Warming. For these reasons, I find Moore a likable guy.

But he should not be taking these contributions; they call in to question his judgement.

Perdue on the other hand is reaping the benefits of being a good old boy. Wait, wait a second. She's not a good old boy! Ironic, isn't it, that the female candidate now seems to be the preferred candidate of NC's male power elite. I guess that's one type of glass ceiling.....