Leading from the Left

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Resolution in Support of the Transfer Referendum

Tonight, several Orange County Democratic Party precinct committees passed a referendum supporting the transfer tax referendum which will be on the ballot on May 6th. The resolution now goes to the Democratic Party's Platform and Resolution committee, and if approved, will be voted on at the OCDP Convention in April. The text of the resolution follows:

Whereas Orange County requires additional revenue sources to support our growing need for quality schools, to create parks and preserve other open space, and more generally to ensure the high quality of life that wish to enjoy, and

Whereas the County Commissioners have made clear their intent to raise the necessary funds for these purposes through the means best suited to the people of our county, and

Whereas both sales tax and property tax increases tend to cause disproportionate hardship on those in our community who are already struggling to make ends meet, and

Therefore be it resolved that an increase in the Land Transfer Tax is preferable to increases in other forms of taxes available to the county, including sales and property taxes, and

Be it further resolved that the Orange County Democratic Party hereby endorses the proposed Land Transfer Tax on the May 6 ballot and encourages all citizens to vote in its favor.