Leading from the Left

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mariah McPherson: The Passing of a Class Act

I sadly report the death of Mariah McPherson, a long-time local activist. There is no one I respected more in Orange County political circles than Mariah McPherson.

Mariah dedicated her life to helping others and to advancing civil rights. She was a citizen-activist in the noblest sense and emboddied strength, determination, and selflessness.

I first met Mariah through the Democratic Party back in 1986. She served as precinct chair, county officer and eventually as precinct chair. She was always very kind to me and took care to support my work whether it was within the party, as an elected official or as a candidate. She loved mentoring and guiding younger leaders and did so with both a firm hand and a wide smile.

I will miss her greatly.