Leading from the Left

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Labor Commissioner and Weaver Street Market

What do the run-off election for Commissioner of Labor and Weaver Street Market have in common?

Absolutely nothing. They both just happen to be in my mind today.

Let's start with Mary Fant Donnan. North Carolina is one of only a handful of states with an elected Commissioner of Labor. The office is currently held by a Republican, Cherie Berry. I think it's time to reclaim this office and elect a progressive who truly cares about work place conditions. That's why I enthusiastically endorse Mary Fant Donnan in the run-off election next Tuesday June 24th. For more information about Donnan, please visit her website.

Now about Weaver Street Market....

The doors opened at 10am today for the new WSM in Hillsborough. I stopped in at about 10:15 and the place was packed with eager, happy shoppers. Those of us who live in Hillsborough and vicinity have been waiting a long time for WSM to open up. And it was worth the wait. The store is beautiful. A great addition to downtown Hillsborough.