Leading from the Left

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to Take Eubanks Road out of Consideration

Last night, the Board of County Commissioners held a work session on siting a Waste Transfer Station. One of the sites our consultant identified for consideration is the same Eubanks Road location that has caused concern in the community previously.

It's long past time to take that site off the list. The community has spoken with a loud voice, and the consensus is that the transfer station should be sited somewhere else. I believe that when we meet next, on October 21st, we will officially remove Eubanks Road from consideration. To get to that point, the next step of our process is crucial.

Last night we initiated the next step by directing the consultant to apply an additional list of criteria, what we call our "Community Specific Criteria." Environmental justice is one of these criteria, and when they're applied, most observers believe the Eubanks Road location will drop to the bottom of the list. For many in our community, that will be a great day.

For the advocates of removing the Eubanks Road site from consideration, the next four weeks will be a long wait. But, friends, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.