Leading from the Left

Friday, November 07, 2008

Salt in the Wound: Prop 2

I'm still on cloud nine about President-elect Barack Obama.

But for gay Americans it's a bittersweet week. Arkansas voters declared us unfit to be parents. Florida voters passed an amendment that embeds discrimination against LGBT Floridians in their constitution.

And worst of all, Californians passed Proposition 8 which stripped gay's and lesbian's of our equal rights, essentially relegating us to second class citizen status in that state. Reminiscent of Jim Crow legislation it's one of the few times in US history that existing rights have been taken away from a minority group. The salt in the wound? Californians passed Prop 8 the same night they also passed Proposition 2 which will end the inhumane confinement of animals.

Yup, that's right. The same night that Californians voted for Barack Obama by a 24% margin (61% to 37%), the same night that California stripped rights from humans, they gave rights to animals. I would have supported Prop 2 if I lived in California, but it's sadly ironic that voters value pigs and goats more than the rights of humans.

"The road ahead is long."