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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Equal Rights for All? Or All Rights for a Few?

I just received this from the Human Rights Campaign, the nations largest organization working for LGBT equal rights. With all the attention being paid to the presidential race, many of us have lost track of some of the crucial initiatives on the ballot around the US. Including the ant-gay constitutional amendment in California which appears to be in danger of passing.

I believe it's wrong to right discrimination into the Constitution, to create two classes of people.

Here's the appeal from HRC. Donate now to support civil rights for ALL Americans.

Anti-LGBT groups are blanketing the state with deceptive ads....Help us get on the air immediately to counter these outright lies – every dollar you give NOW will be matched!

Dear Friend,

Marriage equality in California is now losing by 5 points, according to the latest poll numbers.

Until that poll, we were leading in California. What happened? Anti-LGBT groups are winning the fundraising battle by more than $10 million – and their vicious, untrue ads are everywhere.

Our lead has slipped, but victory is still within reach. We need to get on the air quickly to counter their lies and we need your help to do it.

Generous donors Tom Bombardier and John Fowler, along with the Human Rights Campaign, will double every online contribution TODAY, up to $120,000.

Donate now to the HRC California Marriage PAC – No on Proposition 8 and your gift for marriage equality will be DOUBLED.

Can you imagine a loving, committed, married couple watching their marriage rights evaporate against their will? I don't think there's any precedent for that in modern civilization.

Well, that's what could happen across California if Proposition 8 passes and the decision of the state Supreme Court is reversed.

Anti-LGBT forces are organizing and mobilizing furiously, raising money hand over fist, ginning up fear and resentment. Groups like Focus on the Family, members of the Mormon Church, and even the national Knights of Columbus have provided significant funding. And it appears their tactics are working – the recent polls show that California voters now favor the Amendment to ban marriage equality, 47 to 42 percent.

It's up to us to make sure the truth gets out, but we can only do that if we raise more money. Right now, their war chest is $10 million deeper than ours – and that gap is growing.

The Human Rights Campaign has been on the ground in California from the beginning of this fight, contributing time and resources, and we're not ready to give up now. In fact, we have already contributed more than $2 million to this fight. I'm guessing you aren't ready to give up either, Friend.

For those of us deeply committed to equality and dignity for LGBT Americans, the time is now – especially now that generous donors Tom Bombardier and John Fowler and HRC will double your gift and make it go twice as far.

Will you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us today? Every dollar you give right now will be DOUBLED and sent straight to California.

Wake up on November 5th knowing you did everything you could. We have equality, basic human decency and the truth on our side. Now we need you.


Joe Solmonese

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