Leading from the Left

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Case for Reform

If this article doesn't make you believe our prison system is in need of reform, you have no soul. No one deserves to be treated the way this man was. Regardless of any real or alledged malevolent action on his part, he did not deserve to be beaten like a dog by state employees.

Governor Perdue should demand the resignation the prison guards who were on duty at the time and their supervisors. It's clear the facts are being covered up. We should not stand aside and ignore a cover up and/or the violence inflicted by state employees upon a resident of North Carolina--even a resident in prison.

She also should fire Alvin Keller, NC's Secretary of Corrections. He suggests that the prisoner may have injured himself in a fall. For Pete's Sake. That defies reason. An individual in Mr. Keller's position should be seeking the truth in this matter, not making suggestions that defy common sense. The Governor should take action and do so now.