Leading from the Left

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

PCB emissions in Wake County

If you haven't done so already, check out the article in this issue of the Independent Weekly about the incinerator being planned in Wake County. This incinerator, given the Orwellian name "direct fired thermal desorption," is planned for a PCB contamination site in Western Wake County near the airport.

Toxic pollutants from the 11-acre Ward Transformer site have been leaking into the groundwater for decades. The PCB's and other contaminents have entered Brier Creek and other tributaries eventually making their way to Lake Crabtree. The EPA labeled clean up of this site "time-critical" two years ago and yet no contamination has been removed.

According the Indy, the method of clean up now being proposed amounts to incineration and will lead to some PCB's being released on-site through airborn emissions. The Indy suggests that other methods are cleaner and have not been given careful consideration.

I concur. This site needs to be cleaned up immediately; it's not acceptable to allow toxics to continue to contaminate Wake County creeks and lakes. But the clean up method needs to be as clean as possible. I'm hoping the Indy article draws enough exposure and heat to the decision makers in Wake County that they insist on a preferable alternative. Write Mayor Meeker and insist on the cleanest, safest possible clean up of the Ward Transformer site.