Leading from the Left

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh. Canada!

(Editor's Note: Since I first published this blogpost, Stephen Harper's plan has been called into question by Al Gore and other environmentalists. Note added 4.30.07).

The AP reports that Stephen Harper's Conservative Government in Canada announced yesterday that they will seek a ban of incandescent light bulbs by 2012. Canada will join Australia as the 2nd nation to ban incandescents as inefficient and wasteful.

Why is the Bush administration still doing nothing to address climate change? Both Canada and Australia are led by conservatives who have come to believe that global climate change is a serious threat that must be addressed with a coherent plan for reducing carbon emissions. In this country, Republican California Governor Arnold Swartzenegger is a recent convert to the cause. And a regional climate change compact in New England was cobbled together by states that were, at the time, led by Republican Governors.

So, what's the deal George? This problem is real and it takes real leadership to address it. Get with the program.