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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

GAO study of the NRC to proceed

This just in...

Jim Warren at NCWARN just sent an email letting me know that the GAO is proceeding with a study of the NRC's lack of enforcement of fire protection regulations at nuclear power plants. As you may recall from an earlier blog post, several months ago I joined a group of local elected officials who met with Rep. David Price about Shearon Harris nuclear power plant.

We expressed our concerns regarding a number of issues at Shearon Harris, one of which being potential problems with fire safety. In response to the issues we raised, Congressman Price agreed to seek a GAO study of the NRC. The study will determine if the NRC is doing its duty in enforcing the laws that govern nuclear power plants.

Thanks to Congressman Price to seeing this through!

One of the great concerns I have with the current administration in Washington is their insistence on filling oversight bodies, like the NRC, with ideologues who consistently undermine the agencies and rules they're charged with overseeing. Perhaps this GAO study will help jerk a not in their chain. The citizens of NC deserve to know that Shearon Harris is safe.