Leading from the Left

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kudos to Lydia

Last Tuesday night I attended the swearing in of the newly elected and re-elected town officials in Carrboro. It was nice to be back in Carrboro Town Hall where I'd spent nearly every Tuesday night of my life for 12 years. Lots of good memories and good friends.

I enjoyed seeing Mayor Chilton sworn in again along with Aldermen Dan Coleman and Joal Broun.

But first and foremost, I was delighted to be in the room as Lydia Lavelle was sworn in by Judge Beverly Scarlett. Lydia will bring level-headed, prudent leadership to the Board of Aldermen and her background in recreation, greenways, and community activism will serve the community well.

Additionally, she becomes North Carolina's second openly lesbian municipal elected official, joining Jan Pepin who serves on the Blowing Rock Town Council.