Leading from the Left

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Levelheaded Leadership Pays Off for Lavelle

First, hats off to all the winners in yesterday's election. All three local governments and the school board will see new and returning members who are stellar.

And kudos to those who got defeated as well. Several worthy candidates lost and we are the worse for it....Bryant Kelly in Hillsborough, Gary Wallach for the schoolboard, and--of course--my friend Cam Hill. All are great guys who have a lot to offer the community. I hope we will see them again.

Saving the best for last...I am thrilled nearly beyond words that Lydia Lavelle won in my old hometown of Carrboro. Lydia is as capable a public servant as I've ever met. Her level-headed approach to problem solving will serve Carrboro, and all of us, well.

Lydia ran, unquestionably, the strongest campaign of any candidate this year. She and her team created an admirable grassroots organization, proving that basic, retail politics (knocking on doors and talking to voters) pays off. Her knowledge of the issues and progressive values were so impressive that she ended up receiving the endorsement of every organization and newspaper that issued endorsement this year. Indeed, a significant accomplishment.

I'm very, very proud of Lydia.