Leading from the Left

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Main Street and Wall Street

The choice now couldn't be clearer. The Republican ideology has failed. No oversight, no regulation, no control. And it's no way to run a country.

I don't see how McCain could possibly win the presidency at this point. The Republicans have been in charge for 8 years. In the process they've destroyed our economy, left our reputation in the world in tatters, run up unimaginable debt, ripped the constitution to shreds, and squandered America's credibility. It's not exactly a winning record.

The financial crisis on Wall Street tells us all we need to know. The Republican philosophy of laissez-faire corporate culture has left Main Street America holding the bag. Do any of us believe that Wall Street is going to get stuck with the tab? No, they will figure out a way that the rest of us pay the price of their greed. And who's more likely to steer our country in a different direction, more responsible, direction? John McCain or Barack Obama?

There are some 40 days left before the election. Go make it happen!