Leading from the Left

Friday, October 03, 2008

OC Rescue Squad Helping out in another County

It turns out the folks over at the Orange Rescue Squad aren't sitting idly by while on the 'stand down' imposed by the Orange County Emergency Services Director. Good for them; there is no sense in sitting around when they can be helping those in need. They've volunteered to help in the search for missing Granville County woman. Here's an email the Squad sent out about their activities:

For those of you who are not already aware, Kelly Currin Morris, mother of two, from Stem, NC, has been missing since September 3rd. On Thursday, September 25, Mrs. Morris’ father, Pat Currin, put out the call for help via WRAL. Mr. Currin is asking for any and all available volunteers to aid in the search for his missing daughter. The next day, on Friday September 26th, the Orange County Rescue Squad answered his call for help and are working directly for Mr. Currin. We have spent the entire day there both Friday and Saturday, and will return to Granville County first thing in the morning. What we have discovered is that this is a very large scale operation. I am not willing to discuss specifics via this email. I have information that has not yet been released to the public. I will be glad to talk to anyone who can assist face-to-face. What we know is that unless we find Mrs. Morris, this operation will continue for several days. We plan to be there each day. We need all the available help that we can get during this time. Our neighbors northeast of us are asking for our help. I know that daytime availability is limited during the week, but any help is greatly appreciated. I would like for us to get a large group together for next weekend, both Saturday and Sunday to continue this operation. Mr. Currin, the Creedmoor Fire Chief, and the Chief Deputy of Granville County Sheriff’s Office have on multiple occasions expressed to us their sincere gratitude. I can tell you that regardless of the outcome, being a part of this operation, has been a rewarding experience. I invite you all to come and work with us during this event.

I can be contacted at (919) 338-2200. At times, my signal fades, especially when down by, or on the lake. If you get voice mail, just leave a message. As a backup, you can call T. J. Whitfield at (919) 691-3616. He and I have different carriers, so one may work where the other doesn’t. As for tomorrow, we leave again at 08:30.

If you cannot assist, there are other ways to help. The family is selling “Team Kelly” T-Shirts in support of the search operations for $15.00 each. Please get with me directly and I will get a shirt for you.