Leading from the Left

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Being Against Marriage Equality: Bad for NC Economy

This article highlights the potential losses to NC's economy because we're an anti-equality state.

You've probably heard before about the specific economic losses for local businesses when gay couples wed in New England. Caterers, hoteliers, florists, wedding planners and so forth are all denied lucrative business when couples leave our state to exchange their vows in a state that welcomes them.

While that's part, a significant part of our ecomonic loss, there is more. I'm referring to the lost opportunities when our state's best educated and most highly skilled workers--like the former Raleigh residents in this article--move to other, pro-equality states. Leaving NC creates a loss for our economy, a brain drain, all because a class of people are treated with respect in one region of the country but not here in our own state.

Equal marriage isn't just about marriage for gays and lesbians. Equality is about preserving the diversity that makes our local economy vibrant and strong.