Leading from the Left

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 Predictions for the New Year

Just to have a little fun, I decided to make 10 predictions for the New Year. Predictions are not really worth the paper they're printed on. Last year, for example, who would have predicted that rocker Jon Bon Jovi would have a #1 Country music hit in 2006?! Go figure. What the heck, why not have a little fun?

Here are the first five; I’ll post the final 5 tomorrow afternoon.

10. Carrboro Board of Aldermen member Joal Broun will retire after a decade in office.

9. Hillsborough will have a hard fought election, once again pitting conservatives against managed growth advocates. The current progressive majority will emerge victorious, cementing Hillsborough's turn towards making prudent growth management decisions.

8. The legislature will pass a Global Warming bill. While this bill will not go as far as many of us want, it will be a decent first step and will set the stage for more expansive legislation the following session.

7. UNC’S football team will have a good season, surprising fans by having a winning year and getting a bowl bid.

6. The BOCC will raise taxes for the 19th year in a row. This is my least favorite prediction. Unfortunately, it's a pretty safe bet. The county's tax rate has gotten to the point that it is hurting the average household. While I don't believe in cutting services, like education or social services, I do believe we need to have an honest examination of what is causing this upward rise and fix it. We liberals have an obligation to make sure our community is affordable, and one of the components of affordability is the tax rate.