Leading from the Left

Monday, April 30, 2007

May is Mental Health Month

Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog site during April. Most of my posts during this past 4 weeks were about the environment: energy, global warming, and the like. I appreciate the feedback some of you provided, and--in particular--I appreciate those of you who joined me for a conversation about the environment several weeks ago. You guys had some great ideas!

Between now and the end of May, I will focus mainly on mental health in North Carolina. May is "Mental Health Month" and, according to the Mental Health Association of North Carolina, the US has observed "Mental Health Month" for over 50 years. This seems like a good opportunity to laser in on this issue.

Given the tumult caused by NC's reorganization of mental health delivery, we should probably take a step back and examine the state of treatment in North Carolina. I'll try to research and write about the provision of services, who's falling through the cracks, some of the problems caused by this reorganization, and other topics as they come up.