Leading from the Left

Monday, October 22, 2007

Waste Transfer Station

You may recall reading that the Orange County Democratic Party Executive Committee passed a resolution asking the Board of County Commissioners to reconsider the vote to site a waste transfer station on Eubanks Rd.

My response to that resolution is posted below.

To the Executive Committee the Orange County Democratic Party:

Thank you very much for the resolution you passed on September 20th about the transfer station issue. You have taken this issue up in a serious, principled way, and as grassroots leaders in the Democratic Party, your voice and perspective are powerful. It’s important for those of us on the Board of County Commissioners to hear from and listen to the community.

You asked the County Board of Commissioners to reconsider our decision to site the transfer station at the Eubanks Road location. I support your request.

While the actual transfer station itself is not a dump, it does attract the stigma of a dump and has the unmistakable stench of environmental racism. The responsible course of action is to seek an alternative solution.

Additionally, it must be acknowledged that the manner in which the search was handled was flawed. By not conducting a thorough and transparent search, the BoCC reinforced the community’s fears. This was a mistake; we can, and should, do better here in Orange County.

Again, I thank you for your resolution and your dedication to social and environmental justice here in Orange County. I’ve learned from your input and hope that the Democratic Party always feels comfortable approaching us with its thoughts.

Best Wishes,

Mike Nelson