Leading from the Left

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

News from the State Senate Campaign

Today Senator Kinnaird announced that she's changed her mind and will be running for re-election after all.

Senator Ellie Kinnaird is a life-long champion of progressive causes. In her distinguished career she has fought tirelessly on the side of issues important to her constituents and the state of North Carolina. Her determination has inspired many to fight for justice and shown that no one political party has a monopoly on “values.”

I have enjoyed serving along side her as together we’ve fought for those same values. Given our shared goals and interests, I was pleased to learn that Sen. Kinnaird has chosen to run for re-election to the North Carolina Senate.

With that news, I will suspend my own candidacy for the North Carolina Senate. While I’m disappointed that I will no longer be a candidate for the seat she now holds, I’m confident the progressive causes I care so much about will continue to be championed under her leadership and that we will continue to work together as we have in the past.

Meanwhile, I will continue to serve the citizens of Orange County as their Commissioner. I remain grateful and honored for the trust the people of Orange County have shown by electing me. Our county faces many challenges, and I will continue to provide strong, compassionate leadership for all Orange County citizens.