Leading from the Left

Friday, September 21, 2007

Update on Tethering Committee

I've posted on several occassions previously about the work of Orange County's tethering committee. The committee, for which I was the Commissioner liaison, met for several months to discuss the county's tethering rules and whether or not changes should be made. The impetus to form this committee came citizens who wanted to do something about dogs who were being chained up, or tethered, 24/7.

The committee completed it's work and a series of recommendations to the Animal Services Advisory Board. This week the ASAB completed its review of the report and recommended approval to the Board of County Commissioners.

I want to thank the members of both the Tethering Committee and the ASAB for their work on this issue. When we first began discussing it, I knew next to nothing about the effects of tethering on dogs. I was educated by the members of the committee and the community at large and am grateful for this experience.

I hope my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners agree and will support these changes.